The Essentials We Believe…



We believe there is one God who is Creator of the universe; existing
eternally and manifesting himself in three persons: The Father, The Son, and The Holy
Spirit, who are one in essence and equal in power and glory.

Jesus Christ

We believe that God has revealed Himself to humanity in the person of Jesus Christ. He
is fully God and fully man, the eternal and only begotten Son of God. We believe in the
deity of Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His miracles, in His sinless life, making
atonement for our sins through His shed blood by His death on the cross. We believe in
His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father and in His
personal and literal return in power and glory.

Holy Spirit

We believe that God is present in the world today in the person of the Holy Spirit, who
drawn us to faith in Jesus and who bears witness with our spirit that we are children of
God. Residing in everyone who follows Jesus Christ, He empowers believers to display the character of Christ as evidenced by the fruits of the Spirit, so we can life a godly life. We rely up on the power of the Holy Spirit and believe His spiritual gifts are available to believers today as God determines. Spiritual giftedness and faithfulness determines where and how we serve.

The Bible

We believe the Bible, consisting of all the books of the Old and New Testaments, is the
only inspired, infallible and authoritative Word of God.


We believe that God created men and women in His image, thus holding a unique place
in creation. Rather than loving God, mankind chose sin, which resulted in eternal
separation from and a destroyed relationship with God, which causes many
problems in life. We believe that repentance from sin and acceptance of Jesus Christ as
Lord and Savior is the only way to come into a renewed relationship with God.


We believe that humanity can be saved from the consequence of sin and eternal death
by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ. Humanity cannot earn or work for its
salvation. When one is saved, he or she is said to be “born again” by the indwelling
presence of the Holy Spirit.


We believe people were created to live forever. One will either exist eternally separated
from God in a place called hell or, through faith in Christ, one will be eternally united with Him in heaven.

Baptism and Communion

We believe it is important to uphold the scriptural practices of the earliest church.
Therefore, we believe that baptism is by immersion in water and it serves as a
demonstration of our living faith in Christ. It is a picture of the death, burial and
resurrection of Jesus as well as a picture of our new birth. Baptism is the initial act of an
obedient faith.

We believe that Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper and that celebrating communion
together WEEKLY is beneficial for all Christians as we remember the love of God
through the atoning death of Jesus on the cross for our sins.


We believe the church is the greatest force that God has established upon the earth to
make an eternal difference in the lives of people. Consequently, we believe that active
participation in a local church is essential for all Christians. We are an independent
Christian Church that is not connected to any denominational structure. We are
interdenominational in that we welcome people from all backgrounds seeking a life-transforming relationship with Jesus.

Church Leadership: A board of elders oversee all the affairs of the church.

Christian Life

We believe that it is normal for believers to be fully-devoted, joy-filled and fun-loving
followers of Jesus that are committed to INTRODUCING people to Jesus, GROWING in
our faith, CONNECTING with others and SERVING people.