To accomplish our mission of pointing people to Jesus, it’s about making space in our schedules and being intentional about fostering relationships with people in our lives who are far from God.

What Is an Intentional Introducer?

In our Intentional Introducer campaign, we will fuse intentionality into our existing rhythms and routines focusing on 3 areas:


LINK WITH others.

Take what you are already doing and invite someone to join you! How do you and your family celebrate the fall season? Apple Hill? Trick or Treating? Pumpkin Patch? Be intentional and invite those in your life who don’t yet know Jesus to join you.

LOVE ON those around you.

Have you stopped to look around at who God has placed in your life? 

  • Co-workers
  • Classmates
  • Neighbors
  • Kids’ coaches & teachers
  • Other parents from the soccer team

LIFT UP people in prayer. 

Spend time praying for those in your lives who don’t yet know Jesus. We can’t be Intentional Introducers without God! Prayer is really the foundation.

Our Staff are posting a video leading us in prayer every day during the week of Oct 24.
CLICK HERE to view the videos and pray along with us!