Nate Lange


Nate was born in Stockton, California and moved to Galt when he was nine years old. He accepted Christ in elementary school and was baptized at the age of 14. Nate moved to Elk Grove after high school, and met his future wife, Gabrielle (“Gaby”), while serving together in the youth ministry at a local church. They were married in 2004 and have two sons: Javan (13) and Gavin (8).

Nate worked in the construction field for 10 years prior to starting his law enforcement career in 2009. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Management in 2014. Currently, Nate works as a Lieutenant in law enforcement. Gaby has been working in law enforcement for the past seven years. Currently, she works as an Administrative Assistant for the Office of the Chief. In addition to working full time, they have been homeschooling their boys since the pandemic in 2020.

Nate and Gaby started attending LifePointe in November of 2003. They have both served on the Worship Arts team since 2004, participated in several Mexico mission trips. Currently they serve on the Worship Arts Leadership Team. In 2019, on a trip to Israel, Nate had the opportunity to be baptized for the second time in the Jordan River by Pastor Chris. Ecclesiastes is one of Nate’s favorite books in the Bible due to its simplicity and wisdom. Additionally, Nate loves learning about and diving deeper into the life of Jesus, so he reads through the Gospels with regularity.

Nate loves spending time outdoors in the summer with his family and friends. He enjoys camping, fishing, hunting, and doing yard work.

If you have any questions or concerns with Nate functioning in the role of elder, please contact Elder Gary Martinez at g.martinez@lifepointe.org by December 15.
Thank you.